Top 5 MMOs for the iPhone

1. Battle Camp — FREE


Equipped with an ever expanding array of adorable and evolvable monsters, Battle Camp shocks players with its depth and breadth. From the get-go players can become a unique member of the community via a fully customizable avatar. Together with 5 meticulously chosen monsters, players crawl through dungeons capturing new monsters and face a limitless supply of bosses. Combat is always a blast. To attack, players play a little bit of augmented match-three in an attempt to string up combos for maximum damage. A welcome change in the genre considering the dull nature of tap to attack. A little finger dexterity and classic match-three strategy is necessary in every encounter, making Battle Camp gripping even when you're grinding. Beyond all the mechanics, the multiplayer is truly the gold standard, and that's the most important thing to consider when it comes to an MMO. The PvP is glorious. Connectivity is never an issue, and the exchanges are always thrilling. But it's the cooperative efforts and events that truly make Battle Camp astounding. Battle Camp's community is surprisingly friendly for a multiplayer game as big as it is (though not so surprising given the cutesy aesthetic of the game), and between troop wars and raids, Battle Camp generates a heartwarming amount of loyalty and fraternity within troops and between friends.

2. Empire of the Eclipse — N/A

This game is extremely hard to pick up. The learning curve is very slow and the video tutorials are boring long and mostly terrible. but, if you get through all of that, you have an extremely addicting game that will have you checking your phone all hours of the day. Basically, you are trying to take over a universe against other players online in week long sessions. It plays like a very slow RTS where you send troops or probes to other planets to initiate an attack or survey the area. All these things take time and the game is really meant to be played in short bursts. You get to explore numerous technologies and skill trees in the course of a game to assemble your own strategy to take over the universe.

3. Please Stay Calm — FREE


Please Stay Calm is a lot like Mafia Wars mixed with zombies and Foursquare. The game is location based and set in your own neighborhood, but in the zombie apocalypse. Like Mafia Wars, everything is mostly UI based, with a collection of fun little mini games for what would be regular post-apocalypse activities like scavenging or zombie hunting. You get to build your own stronghold with friends (if you have them) and upgrade it with supplies. Your battle stats are also affected by the strength of the safehouse, so the larger your group of friends, the better your stats. While very social and happily casual, the minigames do still get quite tired, but the game isn't really meant to grip you for hours on end. It's more of an entertaining social activity.

4. IMO: The World of Magic — FREE


Between the base warriors, mages, and archers, The World of Magic allows for a surprising amount of depth considering customization in true MMO fashion. Skill trees, weapons, and armors galore the classic MMO mold is further enhanced by PvP battlegrounds scattered through the region. For the social, this would be a great game, but if you're the quieter type the game is quite difficult to ramp up to. The tutorials are few and far between, so if you're afraid of being that 'noob' asking veterans how to play the game, there may be some frustration ahead of you.

5. Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar - FREE


Ultima Forever is set in the luscious world of Britannia. Movement is quite easy as you just tap where you want to go. NPC missions are simple enough and their experience pay out is well worth the interaction. Sometimes they may even just ask you a question, and if you answer it in a certain way, you could be rewarded with a heartier reputation. Combat too is just a tap away. However, this gets a little annoying as a mage, since mages can do both ranged and melee attacks. Sometimes when you tap your enemy you do a melee when you meant to damage from a distance which can be quite irksome. As the game gets more challenging, you will find yourself needing a party to get through dungeons which really just makes the game more fun (of course, this is an MMO list), but to do so, you usually have to wait in front of one to garner a party. Unfortunately, the party system itself suffers from typical party problems, drop outs, lag, and if you so happen to get booted, you leave the whole game and have to restart the dungeon.